Ottawa, ON

If you are moving between Montreal and Ottawa, JMR ELITE Moving and Storage will bring you there safely – and stress free. If you’d like, we can provide you with full packing service the day before your move. This way, everything will be well organized and the next day, you and your family can spend your time taking care of personal details, such as saying goodbye to friends and loved ones instead of worrying about the move. We will effortlessly and professionally transport your household furniture safely and promptly to your destination. If required, we can also help you to place some of your furniture in storage for a couple of months, or even years. Our storage facility is secure, temperature controlled and clean.

JMR Elite Moving and Storage is a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience. Our solid reputation is built on the thousands of short and long distance moves we’ve provided, both for residential and commercial. JMR Elite Moving and Storage will always ensure that the greatest care is taken when packing and handling your belongings.

As a caring and family-oriented moving company, we want to make sure that your family will feel comfortable and confident relying on us to move and/or store your belongings in modern trucks or our climate controlled and secure storage facility. We will provide you with all of your packing, moving and storage needs. By choosing JMR ELITE Moving and storage, we guarantee you a quick, friendly and professional move between Montreal and Ottawa!

Ottawa Information:
JMR Elite Moving and Storage makes daily trips between Montreal and Ottawa and the 407 Highway provides a smooth and efficient corridor for our moving trucks between your old and new homes.

Ottawa is the nation’s capital and currently has a population of more than 1 million people, with this number expected to grow significantly in the coming years. If you are moving in Ottawa, you will find there are many employment opportunities. Ottawa is located in the heart of a group of large and modern cities. Ottawa is one of the most multicultural cities in North America due to its well-organized and comprehensive network of academic institutions, such as the University of Ottawa and other well-known colleges and the influence of the National Government and foreign government representatives. In Ottawa you can enjoy many different cultural events and entertainment since the city boasts many world-class facilities to attract performances of all types!

The greater region of Ottawa offers many hotels, condominiums and apartment towers where you and your family could move in and feel at home quickly. If you visit the southern part of the city, you’ll find a pleasing blend of architectural styles varying from old to modern. The city has many unique areas with attractive and convenient boutiques, bistros and agro-bakeries. The national capital is also the host of many different events and you can celebrate all year long. For example, each winter the Rideau Canal is groomed to be one of the world’s longest skating rinks and this is a great place to enjoy winter sports and festivals. You can also visit over 30 different national museums (ex. art, nature, science, technology, aviation, etc.), experience fine dining, heritage sites, world-class shopping and stunning architecture.

Helpful links if you’re moving to Ottawa

Ottawa is one of the most multicultural cities in North America. That’s why they also have a wide network of schools and universities. Browse this site to find out more about the school network (junior and high schools) and do a virtual tour for the University of Ottawa, one of the best universities in Canada.

Active people will enjoy Ottawa for its multitude of activities and outdoor sports such as hockey, cycling, fishing, sailing and lots more. Ottawa has many activities that will entertain you and your family. Also for golfers, you will enjoy the many world-class golf courses located around Ottawa. Visit this site to get more information about all the activities.

Ottawa offers a wide variety of artistic events. Visit and check out the calendar of the special events (Get all the dates), the types of exhibitions and the special collections presented this year at the National Gallery. Other links will allow you to discover many museums and art galleries. Don’t miss the National Arts Center – A great place to visit! .

Cultural Events
Curious to discover more about the cultural events ? Click on this site and choose one of the events you would like to attend on the date you would like . Whether you wish to go to theater, watch a movie, visit a craft show or attend a festival, don’t miss this site!

In Ottawa, there’s lots of places to visit but also many special events that you can do with your family. Simply click on here and you’ll find many activities for everyone, including restaurants, great night clubs, family entertainment, etc. And don’t forget to stop by Ottawa’s mall and have a shopping spree.

Looking for the best hotel and the greatest service in Ottawa? You can make reservations whenever you want in hotels such as the Comfort Inn, the Marriot Hotel, the Delta Hotel and lots more. For a nice and easy stay in Ottawa, visit this site , click and find everything you need to know.

Restaurants & Dining
To find all of the greatest restaurants in town. You’ll find great food and nice restaurants for seafood, vegetarian, and meals from all over the world. To get the list of all the best restaurants in the country, including Ottawa, visit the

Ottawa’s Boroughs
Ottawa’s boroughs are divided into many districts around it town such as Gatineau, Hull, Buckingham, Ontario, Cornwall, Maniwaki and many more.