Household Moving Tips

JMR Elite offers you a few moving tips…

Advise everybody concerned of your move (Please refer to our handy “checklist” in the Residential Moving Tips & Tools)

Notify Utilities what date to discontinue service.

Make arrangements in advance for services at your new residence.

Make moving arrangements as far ahead as possible.

Flowers and plants will be accepted for shipment only at owner’s risk. We recommend they be packed in a closed box. If this is not possible, an open box to contain them.

Be sure to always keep extremely valuable items with you i.e. currency, jewellery, important documents etc.

Arrange to have a technician remove any satellite receivers.

Unless credit has been arranged, JMR will require certified cheque, cash or money order on delivery.

Whenever possible, try to move at times other than at the very beginning or very end of the month as these are the busiest dates.

Before moving, arrange to have all items being cleaned, repaired or stored returned to you or delivered to your new residence.

Have utility companies read your meters.

Your mover will ask you to provide exclusive access to elevators, stairs at origin and destination. This may include reserving parking meters, elevators etc…

Take a telephone book with you, it will come in handy for checking addresses etc…

Do not pack flammables such as fluids, pressurised cans, paint, paint remover and gasoline. The law forbids movers to carry flammables

Furniture that is extremely fragile may require special packing or crating such as mirrors, glass tops, marble, granite, lamps, paintings etc…

Wardrobes are ideal for moving clothes. They will hang your suits and dresses full length, in transit, as they do in your closet.

Go through the house with the driver when he comes to your home, giving any special instructions you may have.

As your telephone may be disconnected on the day of your move , be sure to inform your mover of all the telephone numbers you can be reached at.

All filing cabinets must be emptied before the move.

Any fixtures fastened to the wall, such as drapery tracks, ceiling lights or fan, should be taken down for the movers.

Arrange for shipment of pets.

Power tools such as lathes, saws and grinders should be dismantled for safe moving.

Advise driver of any articles you may require first in your new home so that they may be loaded accordingly.