Household Inventory Sheet

Taking Stock of Your Household Inventory

Prior to your move, it is important to take a complete household inventory. We suggest you begin your household inventory about a month before moving day. In addition to taking stock of your household goods, you may also want to photograph or videotape the items in your home.

We have 2 inventory sheet options available

There is a printable version of the Inventory Sheet in .PDF format. This is ideal to print and fill-in while walking around your home. (this will open in a new window)

There is our online form for moving & storage estimation, which will automatically email you a printable format of your inventory. We will also respond to you with an estimate for your moving or storage needs. (See a sample of the email you will receive)

There is an .html version of our Inventory Sheet which you can use for reference. This is a less printer-friendly format, and is intended for users with older internet browsers or without the Adobe Reader installed on their computers. (this will open in a new window)

HTML version of Household Inventory Sheet